Ambitious SpaceX plans

20 Mar

Ambitious SpaceX plans

Space SpaceX consortium does not intend to limit itself to the conquest of Mars. The company managed by Elon Musk, after reaching the Red Planet, wants to use its technology to visit other planets.

SpaceX is one of the private consortiums that also want to reach the Red Planet, providing astronauts there. The corporation managed by Elmo Musk, however, does not want to limit itself to the exploration of one planet.

Musk announced on Twitter that his company plans to visit other planets and intends to do so with the help of its Mars Colonial Transporter engine. Although the name suggests that it was created solely for the sake of a trip to Mars, it does not have to be limited to that. According to the billionaire, the vehicle can also reach other places, only to change the name beforehand.

The Mars Colonial Transporter was designed to work with the company's Raptor rocket to deliver people to Mars. The vehicle is still in development, but the first unmanned mission is planned in 2022. Crew tests will take place in 2024.

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Shortly thereafter, MTC will embark on the Red Planet.

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Lloyd Bowman