Anonymous speak war to the donald trump

31 Jan

Anonymous speak war to the donald trump

American billionaire Donald Trump, who was currently in the running for the presidency of the United States, has repeatedly sparked controversy and aroused hatred among various social groups. The clusters of his sworn enemies have been enriched by Anonymous.

The Heckler's Collective has already had the racist and xenophobic utterances of the billionaire whose exuberant ego allows him to believe that he knows everything. That is why Anonymous decided to openly declare war on him.

Hackers have reported this in an official statement, stressing that they have already had a hate campaign and have launched a series of attacks aimed at effectively disrupting its presidential campaign. The Collective plans to attack its election sites by carrying out large-scale DDoS attacks that should lead to their exclusion. They are also about to sabotage his brand, encouraging everyone with a computer and the right knowledge to join the Trump action.