Flying camera for continuous recording

15 Nov

Flying camera for continuous recording

Vloggers and all kinds of internet journalists have received another tool that will make their work easier. The Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics has created a device called Hover, which is a dron equipped with a video camera, whose function is filming the owner all the time.

Hover is a small, fully autonomous dron of a simple truss construction, in which four electric powered rotors are placed.

Its central part is all electronic unmanned electronics as well as a 13 megapixel 4K video camera. Equipped with the company's electronic image stabilization system, eliminating shocks from the movement of the device. The camera also has a body and face recognition system, and because the dron follows the user, it can perform panoramic spherical recording.

Hover has a number of programmed features that make it easy to pilot, so people who have never dealt with such equipment will be able to handle it.