Human body with passwords

25 Mar

Human body with passwords

University of Washington researchers are working on an innovative way to pass passwords. The idea uses the human body as a carrier of information. This is a much safer way than the typical wireless connection.

More and more home devices are communicating wirelessly, making them much more convenient. It is enough that we are approaching the door of our house protected by an electronic lock, and those communicating with the smartphone will unlock themselves. This is a very convenient solution when we have hands busy shopping.

However, experts have repeatedly proved that communication over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is not safe and capable hackers can easily take over. University of Washington researchers are working on another, much safer signal transmission method, using the electrical conductivity of our body. They managed to send wireless signals from the touchpad or screen held in one hand to another device with which the user is physically in touch.

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In other words, the electronic door lock will no longer communicate with the smartphone by radio when it comes to it. It will only open when we grab hold of the handle and in the other hand we will keep the smartphone. This may not be the most convenient solution, but certainly much safer than the currently used systems.

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Lloyd Bowman