Personalized helmets for athletes

27 Dec

Personalized helmets for athletes

Riddell has introduced a new helmet technology for American football players. The Precision-Fit system allows individual adjustment to the anatomical features of the athlete.

American football is one of the most dangerous sports in which injuries are very common and the most vulnerable is the head. Although riders wear helmets, but unfortunately they are universal accessories that are not able to protect it perfectly because of poor fit.

The Riddell company has developed a new technology for the production of such helmets, which makes it possible to individually tailor them to the head shape of a particular rider. The technology is called Precision-Fit and uses special scanners to create a three-dimensional model of the athlete's head, taking into account its size and shape.

Then, based on the collected data, a helmet that fits perfectly with the competitor's personal preferences is used with the 3D printer. Thanks to that, the head does not move during the athlete's sudden movements and is better protected against shocks.

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Lloyd Bowman