Ski Airbag Vest protects the body of skiers

10 Jan

Ski Airbag Vest protects the body of skiers

Skiing can be dangerous. On the slopes high speed is achieved, and then fall or fall into another skier may end up with serious injuries. In order to protect them from winter sports, In & Motion developed a product called Ski Airbag Vest.

The Ski Airbag Vest is a ski jacket designed to be fitted with airbags, such as those installed in cars, but with a slightly different design. The cushion in case of impact is inflated over the entire surface of the vest, carefully protecting against the torso of the skier, and thus its internal organs.

The vest is powered by a battery-powered gyro, which is plugged into a module located on its back. The device is then connected to a small gas filled cylinder that is activated when the algorithm detects a sudden fall. At this moment, the gas is released, which blasts the air cushions rapidly.