Verizon will not buy yahoo?

3 Jan

Verizon will not buy yahoo?

The media reports that Verizon may resign from buying the US Yahoo portal. The reason for this decision is the message of further hacking into the company's servers and stealing data from over one billion users.

Several years ago, Yahoo was a giant on the Internet market, whose position was much stronger than its rivals. The years of erroneous decisions have made it, however, that this profitable portal is today only a shadow of the old power, and its owners are now looking for a company interested in purchasing it.

In July of this year's intention to acquire Yahoo announced the company Verizom, which offered him $ 4.83 billion. In September, however, it was revealed that several years ago, as a result of the hacker attack, the portal lost more than 500 million users, significantly lowering its bargaining position in the negotiations. Verizon used this fact and reduced its offer to billions of dollars.

A few days ago, however, it was confirmed that there was another hack into Yahoo servers, which this time the data was stolen more than a billion users. This completely changes the form of things and it is not known if Verizon will still be interested in buying a portal that makes such mistakes.

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Bloomberg News reports that the board of directors of Verizon has decided to rethink the whole case. It can not be ruled out that the incident will be used to reduce the offer again or to completely withdraw from the purchase of the portal.

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Lloyd Bowman